Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Louis, fresh from a bath! He needed a bath BAD, after drooling on himself during tummy time and then rolling in it. He looked like he had gotten carried away with the hair gel! You'll agree he looks much better now. We had a good day-we went and had lunch with daddy then went to the grocery store. Louis' carseat wouldn't fit in the front basket of the cart and had to sit inside the cart so we only had room for about 5 things! We'll have to test out the baskets at all the area grocery stores and choose our supermarket that way! Jason had some excitement, saving a neighborhood cat from being mauled by some dogs, only to be rewarded with several cat bites (but no rabies). It proves no good deed goes unpunished but Louis thinks Daddy is a hero. Posted by Picasa


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