Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Louis' wacky world view. Here are pics of Louis in his new sweater that mommy made him. In true toddler boy fashion, the sweater was covered in briars and beggar's ticks in a matter of minutes. No worries! The sweater was made to be worn and worn proud! OF course, it's only cold enough for about an hour each morning to actually need a sweater (this is why I made it BIG, people!) In other news, Louis is almost 2 and is talking up a storm! His newest words are "front loader" (sounds more like" fun odor" !) and "e-i-e-i-O" (which sounds just like you think it does!). He refers to himself as Nu or NuNu (can't say his "L's" yet, we guess or he got it from a certain cousin Mike).

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Blogger Mike Corey said...

That is amazing. I had two imaginary friends as a child--as you are probably remembering--one of whom was inexplicably named "Nunu."

10:17 AM  

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