Sunday, November 20, 2005

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Ready for the beach! Or a Grateful Dead concert....

We call this Louis' Home Alone face! He makes this face whenever he gets messed-with too much, moved too much, or when we dress him up in silly hats! His Auntie Candy got this hat in California. It's a little big yet but he'll get there soon!
Louis had another great day yesterday. His Hokies won (he did root for the Buckeyes, too, Mike) and he's more alert overall. Louis is also starting to get more vocal! He did very well on his CPAP/cannula and he is essentially getting room air pumped through the instruments. The docs think he'll be off oxygen in a week or so. He had a little bit of spitting up- one big projectile episode and a little wet burp. Better than a few days ago, anyway. He is getting 32 mls of fortified breastmilk every 3 hours. He lost a little bit of weight but we think it's related to the fact that every nurse has a different method of weighing him-diaper and probes on or all off, etc. So we are not too worried about it. He's pooping like a champ so things are defintely moving through the system! Mom performed his physical therapy and he tried to nurse a little. He still doesn't know what to do but he's trying! He may be moved to the transitional nursery soon since he is doing so well! They already call him a "trans baby". I wonder if they dress all the boys in pink down there...


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