Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Snuggle Time Posted by Picasa

Snack Time Posted by Picasa

Now we are getting into a routine. Louis is off of all IV fluids and nutrition. He is getting all of his nutrition from breastmilk fed through a tube into his tummy. He is getting 2/3 oz. every three hours. He is having some mild problems with reflux and spitting up, but nothing too unusual for a baby his size. He did so well on his alternating CPAP and nasal oxygen, he's gone to CPAP for three hours and nasal O2 for six hours. Some volunteers at the NICU gave him a snazzy new knit hat. Mom, who fancies herself a knitter, was impressed.

Louis spent an hour of Kangaroo with mom this morning over which he spit up three times on her. Dad who got him for a half an hour with only one projectile episode.

Overall, we are getting less interesting and that is what we want.


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