Friday, December 23, 2005

I took some video on his last day in the NICU. {click here to find it} There should be two files of the same video, one small and one large.

Louis is figuring out this place pretty well. He could care less about the noise of the dogs barking and didn't mind mommy vacuuming underneath his swing while he slept yesterday! He has been pretty gassy and he is really starting to enjoy vibrate mode on his pack'n play. Dad spent the whole day yesteray underneath the house insulating to keep the little guy warm. This left mommy to fend for herself alone with the gassy, grumpy baby. After filling a few good diapers, Louis was back to his charming self and ready to hang out with dad in the evening. He slept better last night and that just makes everyone's perspective rosier! We took him to the pediatrician for a weight check today and he gained an ounce. Not alot but this is likely due to the fact that he didn't eat well yesterday due to the gas and the doc isn't worried. He is very excited about Christmas and can't wait for Santa to come!


Anonymous Janet Chrismore said...

He's gotten so big......
Janet and the Meadowbrook gang

11:38 AM  

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