Monday, December 19, 2005

Peace out, NICU!

Louis (and certainly Jason and I) would like to say,

Thank you to all of the doctors and nurses that have helped us through these past six weeks. The care of incredibly gifted individuals helped to deliver the miraculous.

Well, Louis got discharged today. Turning off the monitors brought tears of happiness and was a reminder of the intensity of these past few weeks. Louis was cool as a cucumber but Mom and Dad were a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Jason has decided he needs to sing to Louis in order to make up for the absence of the noise in the NICU......Louis and I miss the beeping........alot.

It is awesome to have him here with us. We have a new routine to work out, but are eager to find it. All the pets think Louis is pretty cool but Georgia can't wait for him to learn how to throw a ball!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Emily said...

WOO HOO! That is awesome! We are so happy for the three of you! We are also glad that BIG Louie will be home so that Santa can come and visit him! Have a good holiday and I will see you in January! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! PS - Nice ride Louis! You Rock!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Wife of Bath said...

Best Christmas present ever.

Uncle George would be so thrilled.

We're very proud of all of you--particularly Louis. :)

Have a very merry Christmas, hopefully devoid of creepy snowmen.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Jen said...

Louis - Only a few more days until we meet and everyone else will have to get in line to hold you after me!! I plan on being quite the baby hog!

8:56 PM  
Blogger Funkate said...

You go BL! Welcome to Easy Lane! Your across the street friends can't wait to come over and hang out with you.

~Katie & Jen

9:38 PM  
Blogger CVH said...

I will come and check your hips just as soon as I can. "Crazy" Uncle Corey

9:15 AM  

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