Friday, December 09, 2005

Louis is 5lbs 3oz!! He may be the world's biggest preemie. He nursed GREAT this morning for his 6am feeding-so great that he didn't get any milk per his nasogastric tube. Mom had to work so Dad was in charge for the rest of the day. Louis did not do so great for his bottle feedings. He choked and dropped his heartrate and his oxygen sats. The nurse was convinced that Jason was merely doing it wrong and proceeded to try every nipple/bottle combo she could think of. No dice! Louis still decided that it was okay to suck on the bottle but breathing and swallowing were completely optional. Hopefully, he'll figure this out by the time he goes to kindergarten.
You can't see much in this pic but Louis has a new outfit! Auntie Jill sent it to him for his 1 month birhtday. It has a cow and a pig on the feet!! Not only is he the biggest preemie, he's the most fashionable, too. It's still a hair big but, at the rate we're going, he'll have outgrown it by Monday!! Posted by Picasa


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