Thursday, December 01, 2005

Louis challenges you to a dance-off!

Louis is doing well, he is up to 4lb 7oz. He is taking a break from the bottle-- he's not quite ready for it. Mom had a day back to work and left dad in charge of staring at the baby and feeding the baby. As expected, the breastfeeding didn't go as well with Dad. Towards the end of his tube feedings his heart rate dips and slows his breathing down so he turns a lovely shade of battleship gray. They call it duskiness, dad calls it scary. This color change causes daddy's heart rate to dip and nurses to come running. Hopefully Louis is amused, nobody else seems to like it much...Luckily, it only lasts for a few seconds (seems like hours). It only happens when he eats because he just doesn't know how to eat and breathe yet. Most babies don't get it until 34 -35 weeks so he's got a bit of time to catch up. The doctors have kinda fast tracked him because he is doing so well everywhere else and is getting so big. But he's still a little guy so he needs some more time. Mom will be happy to go back to hanging with Louis after a long day in the salt mines (yes, she still remembers how to castrate........) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, Mom & Dad,

These are the days. Finally I can stretch and get comfortable. Just let me get the food situation worked out and you better look out, there will be no stopping me. I will be giving Gunner, Georgia, Charlie and Bijou(?) a run for the money. Grandma & Grandpa G

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