Sunday, November 27, 2005

Elfin MagicPosted by Picasa

Louis has booties! He looks like something out of Lord of the Rings in these shoes! We won't be able to call him elfin for much longer-he's 4 lbs 3 oz now and 44 cm long (about 17.5 inches). He is really starting to get the hang of the nursing thing (when he actually stays awake to feed) and will probably be hitting the bottle soon (Gerber, not Stoli). We were going to start the bottle today but the lactation specialist didn't think he was quite ready yet (Dr mom agreed!). We will use a bottle because, at this stage, Louis can't get enough nutrition from nursing alone and, even if he could, he would burn too many calories nursing and would lose weight. In a few months he'll be able to solely nurse (Mommy can't wait to kick that breastpump to the curb!) but until then he'll nurse and get bottled breastmilk. He is doing so great that he may be able to come home as soon as a week or 2! Yippee!!


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