Thursday, November 24, 2005

What is a Turkey? Posted by Picasa
This is Louis, deep in thought... or pooping. One or the other. Hard to tell the difference. Louis' grandparents came to visit for Thanksgiving and he liked being held by everyone. We stayed the morning with him then went home to Thanksgiving dinner. We ordered food from Whole Foods and Auntie Candy cooked a turkey and Auntie Janet made some great lettuce wraps and lemon squares- in short we had TONS of food! I wonder how cranberry sauce affects breast milk...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jason and Amy,
I finally took the time to go over the website, very good idea. Thank you so much for your phone call last week, everybody was glad to hear from you here.
Again, congratulations!
I know what the NICU is and I don't wish it to anybody (and am amazed that you could fall asleep there!) I am so glad that Louis is doing better and better everyday.
You will soon forget about these tough times once he will be home.
Good luck and enjoy him,

2:34 PM  

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