Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Like my other new outfit?
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How 'bout the papoose?
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Guess what? Louis' umbilical cord stump fell off today! He's 2 weeks old and is doing great. He has been off all oxygen for 36 hours and isn't looking back. He pooped on his other outfit so he got this one-fits much better, huh? His repeat head ultrasound looked great-the grade 1 IVH is resolving on it's own. He hasn't had any reflux or spit up in a couple days and he gained a little weight since yesterday. He even did better with nursing. Since he is getting so big, he's close to being able to regulate his own body temperature so they turned down the heat in his isolette a hair and swaddled him in a blanket-he got TOO hot so we had to unwrap him. He DID NOT like not being able to kick his legs and arms out! So we'll turn the heat down even more and see what happens! He does look awfully cute, the little papoose!


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Amy & Jason~

He certainly is a precious blessing. Every time we see his new pictures they bring a smile to our faces. Even Timothy has gotten into the routine of saying "Baby,Baby" and pointing to the computer, he likes seeing Louis too! We are so thankful that Louis is becoming stronger and stronger everyday! He looks amazing!
Ann, Patrick & Timmy

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