Monday, December 12, 2005

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Louis is a honkin' 5 lb 8 oz now. He's naked in this picture because he grew out of all the clothes we had in the nursery! He had peed on himself and when I went to change him, nothing fit! He wore some of the clothes just 2 days ago! He's like the incredible hulk! Buttons popping, fabric ripping as he grows before our eyes! We've got bigger sizes stocked at home (6 lb preemie sizes and newborn sizes) so have no fear, the kid will be clothed again soon. But he sure does look happy naked.......
He's eating well, taking 5 out of 8 feeds by mouth(nursing or bottle). The docs think he'll be ready to come home early next week!!! Yippeee!Lots to do, lots to to catch up on sleep while we can! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Aunt Jen said...

He looks so cute with his little hands under his chin. Can't wait to see him (hopefully) over Christmas!!

8:14 AM  

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