Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry about the fuzzy picture. Louis was wiggling all around and I guess I had too much coffee. Charlie the dog is "guarding" the baby (more likely the soft blanket was the draw!)
Louis had a fab-U-lous time playing with his playgym. It was really the first time he had paid any attention to it. He was hitting the toys and making them spin and make music. He was whooping and yelling at them-it was too funny. Dad is in Chicago for a presentation so it's just me and Big Louie. Most everything went smoothly except for his bath. I forgot to replace the plug in the bottom of his tub and I proceded to fill it without paying much attention. It wasnt until I heard the dog lapping up water off the floor that I realized I'd almost flooded the bathroom. Oh well, the floor needed to be cleaned anyway... Louis thought it was funny too. Good luck with your presentation Dad! Posted by Picasa


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